Forehead Lift in Santa Barbara

Do your eyebrows look like they have permanently moved downward? You are probably not imagining it! As we age, the forehead area naturally relaxes. This relaxation can lead to flattening of the eyebrows and crowding of the upper eyelids.

What can we do about a droopy brow?
One of our most popular cosmetic surgery procedures is the Forehead Lift (also referred to as a Brow Lift). The Forehead Lift elevates the eyebrows to where they once were and subsequently it opens up the eyes as well.

forehead-lift-surgery-santa-barbaraWhat are the benefits of Forehead Lift surgery?
There are several positive benefits to Forehead Lift surgery, including:

  • Raising the eyebrows to their normal position
  • Improvement of crow’s feet by tightening the temporal area
  • Smoothing of horizontal frown lines
  • Softening of the frown lines between the eyes
How does Forehead Lift surgery work?
Forehead Lift surgery involves partial removal of the muscles in the forehead that causes frowning. Some muscle is retained for normal expressions. The forehead tissues are then shifted upward and held in place with dissolvable sutures.
Are there any visible scars from the surgery?
The short answer is, no! Three small incisions are hidden in the hair (the hair does not need to be shaved) to allow access to the muscles that cause frowning.
What can I expect during the recovery?
The surgery is done with local anesthesia and oral sedation alone, or in combination with intravenous sedation. Since general anesthesia is not used, patients do not experience the “hangover” from general anesthesia. Walking may be started right away. Most people return to work in 5 to 7 days. Activities can be gradually increased over the next three weeks as tolerated.
View before and after photos of Forehead Lift surgery here.
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