Cosmetic Surgery Sought Out By Older Professionals

In 2009, when Americans were really feeling the effects of the recession, Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins published a Press Release about how he was seeing clients still invest in themselves, despite the hard economic times (read entire release here).

Dr. Perkins cited the competitiveness of younger individuals in the slim job market as one of the main reasons that people were still seeking cosmetic surgery such as face lifts and/or non-invasive facial enhancements such as using Botox/Dsyport, to freeze wrinkles, and dermal fillers, to add volume to the face (creating a more youthful appearance).

An article that appeared in today, aptly titled Survival of the Fittest, upholds the notion that older individuals are still seeking aesthetic facial plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures to keep an edge in the professional job arena, not only applicable for women, but men as well (the article states the two most common cosmetic surgeries for men are rhinoplasty and liposuction).

As Dr. Perkins said at the close of his press release, “Professionals never have a second chance to make a first impression.” Very true! Dr. Perkins can help you put your best face forward. He is an expert in performing aesthetic facial plastic surgery in Santa Barbara that looks non-operated and natural.

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