Ear Pinning Cosmetic Surgery on a Child Featured On “Good Morning America”

Today on Good Morning America they did a segment on cosmetic surgery and kids. Featured was 7-year old Samantha whose ears stick out prominently (called “cup ears”) with the right ear even flopping over. Samantha’s mom said that she feels her child is shy and worries about her being bullied or made fun of because of her ears. In fact, Samantha’s mom says that even adults have commented on her daughter’s ears since she was a baby.

The interviewer follows Samantha and her mother to New York where her she gets cosmetic ear surgery (also known as ear pinning or an ear tuck) and, after a week of healing, her new ears are revealed.

Some may think that seven years is such a young age for any type of surgery, let alone one that is purely cosmetic. The doctor on the show pointed out that by the age of six the ears are about 90% the size of what they will be as an adult which is why this procedure can be done on children as young as six or seven. The timeout the child takes for the surgery and recovery – give or take about two weeks – is a considerably shorter time than the years the child may endure of teasing and bullying if the ears were left as is. Judging from the enthusiasm by Samantha and her mom of the results, the ear surgery was well worth it.

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