Ear Pinning Surgery in Santa Barbara

Patient of Dr. Terry J. Perkins – Ear Pinning Surgery

Otoplasty – ear pinning or ear tuck surgery – is done to improve the proportion, shape or position of the ears. Often people choose to have this surgery done because their ears stick out and it makes them feel self-conscious and/or they have been teased relentlessly about their big, “Dumbo” ears. Parents can elect to have this surgery done on children, as this particular cosmetic surgery can be done when the child is as young as 6 years. By that age, a child’s ears are 90% of the size that they will be as adults, which is why the procedure is okay for young children.

Ear pinning surgery in Santa Barbara involves re-shaping and/or re-positioning the ears so that they have a more normal relationship between the side of the ear and the head. Recovery time is one to two weeks for children and adults.

Patients who have had this surgery are pleased with the results and often no longer feel self-conscious about their ears.

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