Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Perkins

At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara, we don’t have a “one size fits most” plan for our patients. I have been working as a Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon for more than three decades and I know firsthand that each patient is unique and treat them accordingly.
When a patient comes in for a consultation, one of my first questions is, “What bothers you?” While I can often spot what they are concerned about, I wait to hear what bothers them the most. I listen, review and clarify (if necessary) what they have told me, and then educate them on their best treatment options.
My speciality is facial rejuvenation through surgery (such as Face Lifts, Forehead Lifts, Eyelid Lifts, Neck Lifts) and through non-invasive procedures (such as dermal fillers and Botox). This allows me to give most patients several treatment choices and we help them formulate the best plan based on their time and budget.
To schedule a consultation, contact my Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery office at (805) 563-0000. 


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