Holiday Skin Care Tips from Dr. Perkins

The holidays are rapidly approaching and I thought it would be an appropriate time to share tips on maintaining your skin’s health during the season. Holidays are a joyous and celebratory time, but they also can bring about extra stress and a change in eating (and drinking habits). Stress, indulging in richer foods and more drink, coupled with the dryness in the air and, perhaps, less sleep, will definitely take a toll on your skin. Here are my suggestions for keeping your skin’s glow during this busy time of year:

Stick to Your Skin Care Routine
You may have some late nights or take a vacation, but don’t skip or skimp on your regular cleansing routine. (For my recommended home care regimen, read my past blog post.) If you travel, take your products with you instead of using the hotel soap and moisturizer on your face.

Take Time for a Facial
If your skin starts to look less healthy, a facial can help bring it back into balance. Next month will be busy, so I suggest scheduling your facial now. Having it on your calendar will ensure that you take the time to get the facial and that you get the appointment date that you want. Evolutions Medical & Day Spa‘s estheticians can customize a facial treatment to meet your skin’s needs. Call (805) 687-0212 to book an appointment.

Keep Your Hydration Up
With drier weather, your skin needs to be hydrated on the inside and out. Up your water intake, especially if you are going to be eating salty foods and/or imbibing in cocktails. Too much salt and one-too-many drinks can leave you puffy. Water, and other caffeine free fluids, will help dilute the salt while peppermint tea can ease the digestion.

Prep for Blemishes
It is not always easy to anticipate when you may have a breakout, but if you know that you tend to breakout when you are tired or at certain times in the month, than preemptively add in a Benzoyl Peroxide product (I recommend Obagi’s Clenziderm 5% BPO Therapeutic Lotion). Try to apply it one week before the breakout and only in the spots that typically are affected. This may not entirely prevent the breakout, but it may lessen the severity.

End of Year Clean Out
When the New Year comes around, I often hear the saying, “Out with the old, in with the new.” This is great advice for makeup and skin care products. Check the dates and toss products that are past due. Replace products or, better yet, inquire with a skin care professional about new products that may be more beneficial to your skin. As we age, skin changes, and finding the products that are appropriate will make a big difference in your skin’s overall health.

Here’s to a happy – and healthy – holiday season!

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