In The News: Plastic Surgery and Meg Ryan

CSC_Cosmetic_Surgery_Santa_BarbaraActress Meg Ryan was a presenter at the Tony’s on Sunday evening and the news has been abuzz about her appearance. Did she have plastic surgery? Did she have fillers? Did she do Botox? There has been a lot of speculation and I am not going to add to it. As a plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara who has been practicing for more than 3 decades, I feel that people – celebrities or not – who have cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments have a right to their privacy on the matter. Some people chose to share their experience openly and others chose not to. So be it.

Plenty of my patients wish to have their plastic surgery procedure remain private. I am often asked, “How can I get something done without looking like I’ve had something done?” Great question! My answer includes discussing my goal of facial rejuvenation which has remained the same through the years, even when operated appearance “looks” were “in”.  My priority is to improve the appearance while maintaining a natural result. The second part of my answer includes discussing the options that the patient has. Sometimes a full face lift surgery may be recommended for the best result, but there are other times where minimally-invasive procedures and/or aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox, can resolve the patient’s concerns. We believe that educating the patient on their surgical choices truly helps them (and us) select a treatment plan that will best fit their needs and expectations.

The facial rejuvenation surgeries offered at our Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center include:

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If you are interested in scheduling a consultation appointment for a facial cosmetic surgery that looks natural and “non-operated” call my office at (805) 563-0000. 

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