Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center Looking for Clinical Trial Candidates for Face Lifts, Fat Grafting, Liposuction, and Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Perkins is performing clinical studies and looking for study subjects. In return for your assistance, the people chosen will receive 25% off Dr. Perkins’ fee at Cosmetic Surgery Center Santa Barbara on the following cosmetic surgery procedures:

  • Facelift: A facelift mainly addresses skin laxity in the cheek and neck. It will reposition, refine, and support deep tissues like the midfacial fat pad and the jowl as well as tighten the skin. A Santa Barbara facelift end result is a rejuvenated, rested, and non-operated appearance.
  • Fat Grafting: During the aging process hands experience loss of fat volume. Cosmetic surgery of the hands (fat grafting) will add volume and can take many years off a person’s hands.
  • Liposuction: Liposuction is a way of removing/contouring the fat beneath the skin to re-shape a body area through a small incision. Most Santa Barbara liposuction procedures performed by Dr. Perkins can be done comfortably using local anesthesia plus sedation, which means no general anesthesia. Areas most commonly treated by liposuction include the abdomen/chest/flanks, hips, thighs, neck and arms.
  • Rhinoplasty (Nose Job): Dr. Perkins can change the external shape of your nose through rhinoplasty by altering the bone, cartilage, and soft tissue underneath the skin allowing for a more ideal relationship among the parts.

Limit of 2 patients will be selected for each procedure. All cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Perkins in his Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery center. Book a consultation with Dr. Perkins by calling the Santa Barbara Cosmetic Surgery Center at 805.563.0000.

Restrictions:Clients must be appropriate candidates for procedure (as determined in a consultation with Dr. Perkins) and clients must be willing to allow before and after pictures to be used for promotion.
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