Santa Barbara Plastic Facial Surgery: Five Reasons to Have Facial Surgery

As a facial rejuvenation specialist, Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins sees many people who are seeking facial cosmetic surgery. When a new client comes in for a plastic surgery procedure – whether it be for a face lift or body contouring liposuction – we treat each patient seriously by evaluating them and educating them on the various procedures that may be a good fit for them. In turn, patients tell us their reasons for wanting the cosmetic procedure done, and we’ve noticed that there are about five reasons that consistently come up.
If you are considering facial rejuvenation, see if your reasons fall into one of our most popular five:
  • My forehead wrinkles and scowl make me look permanently angry or upset. Looking approachable is important to many people. Wrinkles on the forehead and a permanent scowl definitely can make a person look less friendly. A forehead lift can reposition the brow and forehead and can get rid of wrinkles (by partially removing the frown muscles). The forehead lift is usually done by excisions in the hairline that are hidden. The end result is no visible scars and a new, happy look.
  • My drooping eyelids make me look tired all the time. Eyes are one of the first things people notice. Drooping lids can make people look tired or upset. Eyelid surgery removes the excess skin and fat that has accumulated to open up the eyes once again.
  • My double chin makes my face look fat. Fat accumulation in the chin area can be genetic so even though the person may be thin overall, their chin has lost definition due to the double chin. A chin lift will give the chin a renewed definition and, if necessary, a small implant will give the chin more strength. Many patients have said that after their double chin is “removed” people remark that they look like they have lost weight.
  • The wrinkles and sagging skin on my neck draw attention away from my face. This can be a very true statement. The neck skin is delicate and may be more prone to sagging and wrinkles partly from genetics and partly from lack of sun protection (many people use sunscreen on their face daily, but neglect the neck and chest area). A neck lift can re-contour the neck area, leaving the skin taut and youthful-looking.
  • I want to look as good as I feel. As decades go by, our skin begins to give in to gravity for many reasons – cell turnover slows, the skin becomes thinner – and subsequently the skin sags and develops wrinkles, giving a person a more “mature” look. Now that we are living much longer, and practicing good habits like healthy eating and consistent exercise, many people feel like they have a youthful energy and outlook, but their face shows otherwise. A full face lift by Dr. Perkins will result in a rejuvenated face that looks rested and natural.
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