Lip Enhancement in Santa Barbara at Cosmetic Surgery Center

This month Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Terry Perkins, is highlighting temporary and permanent Lip Enhancement.

Enhancement of the lips often involves adding volume that one loses in the aging process. Dr. Perkins feels that it is important to keep the lips looking natural and not overdone.

The enhancement can be done on a temporary basis with a dermal filler such as Restylane or Perlane and results can last up to a year. These treatments are done at Evolutions Medical Spa Santa Barbara (Dr. Perkins is the founder and Medical Director of Evolutions).

A more permanent solution can be done with a soft implant or by grafting your own fat or other tissue. Sometimes surgical excision of tissue near the lip line or under the nose can be combined with augmentation to further expose the lips. These surgical options are performed at the Cosmetic Surgery Center Santa Barbara by Dr. Perkins.

For an appointment with Dr. Perkins for permanent Lip Enhancement, call Cosmetic Surgery Center Santa Barbara at 805.563.0000.

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