Ask Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins

Although Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon, Terry J. Perkins, MD, has a very full schedule – between performing plastic surgeries in Santa Barbara and overseeing Evolutions Medical Spa – he always believes in taking the time to make his patients feel educated and informed about their surgical procedure. If you have a plastic surgery questions, email it to Dr. Perkins with “Ask the Cosmetic Surgeon” in the subject line and look for his answer sometime soon in this blog.

Q: Hi Dr. Perkins, I am considering cosmetic surgery and I want to know more about you and more about what happens during a consultation – before taking the time out to make my appointment. Is this possible?

A: Hello! Yes, this is very possible. Recently I have made several videos (available to view on my YouTube channel or on my website) to introduce myself to new patients, highlight my background, share my belief in educating the patient and speaking about technology involved in the surgical procedures that I perform at Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Technically speaking, you can “virtually” meet me this way! I’ve embedded a video below where I talk about what happens during a consultation:

To schedule a “live” plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Perkins, call his office, Cosmetic Surgery Center Santa Barbara, at 805.563.0000.

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