Thigh Liposuction in Santa Barbara at Cosmetic Surgery Center

As a cosmetic surgeon in Santa Barbara, I see many patients who dislike the appearance of their thighs. It is especially frustrating for those who are in good shape and lead healthy lifestyles, yet the fat on the thighs does not budge.

The proportion of fat in the inner and outer thigh area is known to be stubborn and, sometimes, resistant to any type of diet and exercising. For some women, this is a genetic predisposition while for others it may be linked to hormonal changes (such as menopause). Whatever the case, Thigh Liposuction is really a great option for exercise-resistant thighs.

At Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara we treat fat accumulation on the outer and inner thighs with liposuction and skin removal (if necessary). Our goal is to decrease bulk and create a thin, fatty layer that is similar to other body regions. We do a crisscross pattern of fat removal to assure a smoother end result.  Incisions are hidden in the pubic hair and the buttock creases. If skin is removed, it is done in the inner thigh area where the incision line will lie in the groin and upper thigh area which can easily be hidden by underwear or a bathing suit.

In our experience, most thighs respond well to liposuction. Our patients are pleased with their thighs that are now more in proportion to the rest of their body.

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