Your Santa Barbara Facelift: Start Early and Plan Ahead

Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins, who is known for his facial rejuvenation expertise and cosmetic surgery that yields natural “non-operated” results, answers two of the most popular questions about facelift surgery

What is the Best Age to Have a Facelift?
The short answer is that a facelift can be done at almost any age, provided the person is in good health and good physical condition. The longer answer is that a person who seeks a facelift earlier, before their face has completely “fallen”, will most likely reap more benefits both physically and monetarily. Physical benefits for those who seek facelifts when they are younger include having an easier and faster recovery and having the opportunity to preserve the structure of their face before it falls. The surgery provides extra support so that the aging process will most likely be at a slower pace. In addition to the physical benefits, a younger client will most likely not need additional surgeries (such as a forehead lift) to achieve their desired result so their cost will be less. 
How do I prepare for a facelift surgery?
If you want to achieve optimal results, you must invest time before and after the surgery. One to three months prior to the surgery, I recommended getting your skin healthy and in good shape.  Evolutions, the medical spa that I oversee, provides an excellent partnership with my Cosmetic Surgery Center practice to assist patients who are preparing for facelift surgery. Depending on an individual’s skin type and skin condition, I may recommend adding a topical retinoid cream to their home care regimen. The retinoid will expedite cell turnover and bring fresher cells to the surface. I may also recommend additional physician-grade products to further prime the skin. Some people may even benefit from chemical peels, facials, and vibradermabrasion prior to surgery, all available at Evolutions Medical Spa. 
Additional instructions prior to surgery include the cessation of smoking a minimum of three weeks prior to and after the surgery. One to two weeks before the surgery, I recommend not taking any anti-inflammatories, aspirin, herbs, and vitamins which may increase bleeding during the surgery. This is general information and, of course, my patients will receive more specific instruction from myself or my staff. On the day of surgery you may want to wash your hair (do not apply any styling products) as you may not be able to wash your hair for a few days to a week after surgery. Bring comfortable clothing that does not need to be pulled over your head and do not wear any makeup. Post surgery, allow yourself eight to ten days of rest and be open to giving yourself more time, if needed. Proper rest will expedite your healing time. 
View more information on facelifts here. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Perkins about facelifts or cosmetic surgery in Santa Barbara, contact his Cosmetic Surgery Center office at 805-563-0000. 

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