In the News: Cosmetic Surgery to Boost Job Security

We came across an interesting article from the Australian news about how cosmetic surgery is being used to boost careers of those who are in a competitive work environment. The article is based on the findings of Professor Anthony Elliott from Flinders University who has been researching this topic for five years and says that “acute job insecurity is driving the (cosmetic surgery) trend”.

The article goes on to say that people in their early to mid 30s are usually at the high point in their career and that by the time an employee hits 50, they are feeling “old” and unable to compete with the youth and vitality of their younger co-workers. Part of the upswing in using cosmetic surgery to save their position is that some employers are putting more of an emphasis on age and appearance to boost sales and performance.
At Cosmetic Surgery Center Santa Barbara we see patients who are seeking a rejuvenation for many reasons – whether it be to give them an edge in the job market or simply to look the way they feel. Many older men and women are leading active, healthy lifestyles but sagging eyelids or forehead wrinkles makes them look tired or unhappy.
Cosmetic surgery procedures such as an eyelid lift, forehead lift, or face lift offer people the opportunity to have a refreshed look to boost their career or match their “young at heart” feeling!
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